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A friend of a friend contacted me wanting to sell his last 10 ryj wide Churchills. They appear to be ok to me but would like some opinions. My suspicion is because the box doesn’t have a code to check on habanos website. It has a transit sticker but that’s it, no hologram sticker with code over it.he claims they were bought at factory tour that’s why other sticker is missing, I’ve never been to factory so I don’t know how it works. Here are some pics, I appreciate any opinions 




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1 hour ago, Maybee86 said:

he claims they were bought at factory tour that’s why other sticker is missing

Difficult one, The R&J are probably either fake or deep grey, either which way, the cigars themselves look pretty nasty with massive shade variation, With a $10 cigar, why take the risk?

With the Coronas Extra, I would say do the exact opposite, take the risk, the cigars look good, unlikely to have been faked, you'll probably never get the opportunity to buy them ever again. Maybe offer to buy one of the RGCE, and try before you commit?


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The tabacuba sticker is placed beneath the green hologram warranty label. 

It's either fake, 'stolen from bond', or super grey. either way, why bother, the cigars look nasty, look beyond the packaging, look at the cigars

Unless he's offering you the R&J $20-30, is it worth thinking about? then you can get yourself 10x 100% legit, nice looking, nice smoking, for $100?

If it were me, I would forget about the R&J's. Your only real dilemma is the RGCE. If they were legit (most probably) and (kept well) who knows? then you may or may not let some premo cigars slip through your hands, that you may never have the opportunity of ever smoking again.

Again, see if he'll sell you a single of the RGCE to sample

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The RyJ bands look good, but I agree with 99 that the shade variation is significant.  That doesn't necessarily make them fake.  The cigars in that box could have come out of different boxes.  The RG cigars look good, but I can't pass judgement on the box.  The RyJ box doesn't look like anything I've seen before, and doesn't look legit to me.

Bottom line is, if it were me, I'd pass on both and just buy what I want from Rob. 

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