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Puros Y Vino

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4 hours ago, refresh said:

Nope, none at all. I checked with Invision about just this thing.

We'd have to restore the entire site. That's a difficult thing to do on a 17000 member forum.

That seems a bit heavy handed. That kind of restore will wipe out a lot of content and newly created accounts.  Is there any benefit to restoring the site into a VM and then being able to migrate data from the VM into production?

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5 minutes ago, refresh said:

Can't do it, the site's too big and it'd take way too long to nut it out. 

Our options are a full restore or try to figure out how to avoid a repeat episode while trying to help those affected by this issue (we can buff the post count and join date for re-registrations and the content still exists albeit with the "Guest" prefix).

The forum's been running for at least 15 years now and this was a first for us. We'd expect a database crash to affect everyone rather than a small segment.

That's too bad.   I think it'd be better to forgo the restore and fix the affected users manually.  Since you found the content was not deleted, that's a good foundation to build on.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Rob (Rob Cappuccio) has had his account also affected. He just messaged me about not being able to log on for the last week. His old posts are now marked as "Guest Rob".

Moving forward, are we to suggest members just rejoin, if their accounts are affected?

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27 minutes ago, refresh said:

What's concerning is all affected users are "Robs", which concerns me that this was a targeted attack against the Pres. But to do that, they'd need to access the db and run an SQL query for "Rob".


I was thinking the exact same thing last night!

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