Trinidad La Trova, LCDH 2017


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14 hours ago, JohnS said:

And it looks like you didn't even ash your jeans! ^_^

Haha - no, I did, John, I did!

In fact, briefly prior to taking that pic I tried to knock it off (you might notice the slight indentation at the tip) - but ash held on firmly. Two more draws.... and it fell.... well, been there....:D

But these are unquestionably really well-made. Could've used a bit more fill in some of them, but I am one who prefers a firmer draw, so am not necessarily representative here.

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Just got a couple boxes of these...June 2018 I think. Smoking my first one now. I've always loved the fundadore and vigia. My Reyes have been bland but only one box of those from 2016 I think. I find cloves and nutmeg when this marca at its best, truly lovely and unique. My first Trova stick weighs in at a whopping 23 grams... so may be wet ROTT and fully packed. Medium body versus a fuller profile in the vigia. But same flavors. Smoking very slowly with a firm draw that I reamed a bit with the perfecdraw tool. Seems to be top quality flavor that needs to dry out. 

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