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I was gifted by a friend today, a 3-pack QUINTERO cigar.

He bought it last week at Dubai Airport Duty Free.  I just opened one of the tubes and this is what I saw :(.  Curious, I opened the other two and they too had mould (hairy white variety).

Luckily it appears to be surface mould only as I cannot see any in the foot.  

I lightly wiped the mould with a tissue and it disappered pretty quickly and it almost looked normal.  I will wait a week to see if it grows back.  




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1 minute ago, El Presidente said:

There are a 100 mould threads on the forum. Do a search for them and you will be enlightened. :thumbsup:

White mould, wipe off, all good. 

i vote that in future all mould queries be answered with the standard response - "sorry. your cigars are stuffed. burn them immediately".

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Mould. Smashed cigars. Damaged boxes. Just crap. All too common when buying from Dubai. Not a place I ever recommend anyone to buy blind.

Wipe off put back in the tubes. Put it in your humidor. And you’re good. That’s what I do if I ever see any.

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36 minutes ago, moy71 said:

thanks for the input guys.   i take it the quicker i smoke the better?   (not wait for the mould to regrow?)

No rush.  Everything in the world has mold spores.  They only bloom when in the presence of liquid water.  When tubos get chilled (like in air transport cargo holds) they don't breathe and are somewhat more likely to get micro droplets of condensation, whereas a chilled cab or dress box has a lot of material to help absorb and hold moisture preventing condensation.

Anyway, your sticks will be fine for a year or 10 once you brush the mold off and get them to a proper rH.  And all the rest of your sticks that aren't fuzzy certainly have mold spores on them, they just haven't been exposed to liquid water.  

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