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Hello FOH,

I have the chance to acquire a 50 cab of SLRDC (2002,2004) and wanted to see if anybody had any experience with either year?  I know 2001 and 2005 are legendary years for SLRDC, but how would you rank the top 5 years for SLRDC in terms of the smoking experience? My experience is very limited with only having had cigars from a 2014 cab and I see great things 5-7 years down the road.  

Thank You!

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You found them as a 2014 Cab?  I would go for those assuming the construction is probably better....  I remember a lot of talk on 2007 a while back.  I'd like to buy a cab of them, but am hesitant unless I know the construction is on point.  Big expense.

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the '02 would be the old style sticks, I would go for them.

I would buy the '04 too...........

I have tried the '09 and '12 and found both to be excellent, the edge to the '09s.............

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