Patriots celebrate with a cigar....

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29 minutes ago, MIKA27 said:

Nothing wrong with Padrons, one of the best NC's around IMO, love them be they Family reserve, 1926's or Padron 2000's ;) great cigars.

I'm rather fond of the Family Reserve 85 years in maduro and just recently had my socks blown off by the Padron 1926 90th Anniversary in Natural!  Love it! 

I love smoking cigars with all kinds of different flavor profiles. As long as they're done well.  I have my favorites and go to's  but I find venturing outside of my wheelhouse allows me to further appreciate what I enjoy even more. 

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14 hours ago, NSXCIGAR said:

Then again, there are many people who feel those cigars are superior to any Cuban cigar (as Cuba no longer produces the best).

Hey, just cool to see any cigars handed out to anyone in such a modern environment. At least Kraft has some appreciation for tradition and the finer things!

Boston has a long and dignified cigar culture.  Too bad there is only one cigar bar remaining in the City.

NC's do generally have better construction than Habanos and use of the whole world's tobacco allows for a great spectrum of flavors.  When was the last time you had a poorly constructed NC Davidoff or Padron?  I like Habanos as much as anybody, but they're still not to the consistency level of the best NC's....

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the padron 64 series is the cigar I lived on for a very  time before I made the transition to all Cubans, but I really did enjoy the cigar in fact if I ever hit up cigar lounges again I would probably smoke one again

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Those cigars looks under inflated.  Time to suspend Brady another 4 games.  As a Patriots fan, giving Brady a 4 game rest is not the worst thing in the world.  And the motivation it provide the guys is worth it. 

As for the cigars, it doesn't matter what Kraft pulled out, someone, somewhere on some internet forum is going to complain that brand X wasn't handed out.  For me, good on Kraft for doing it.  What type of cigars don't matter as I'm not the one smoking it. 

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