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    I like to fix people and cars, and hunt birds....usually try to smoke a couple of cigars a week

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  1. Can you tell me about your watch? I am curious as to the exact model...



  2. Love my AWD Alfa, handles like it's stuck with glue to the road....but the S is no slouch with the reprogrammed ECU adding a 100hp.... Regards.
  3. You need to PM me your info and get on the WhatsApp group. Regards.
  4. Ate a lot of cow and smoked some amazing cigars compliments of the amazing BOTLs Regards.
  5. I hope you all have something better than Koihibas to herf...although they are fat enough to hold humidity swings so not all bad after all Regards.
  6. Was undecided ....but absolutely enjoyed this smooth P2. Regards.
  7. Reorganizing so I can put some nasty cigars in the least the box and bands are nice.... BevosRevenge, I dug out a 08 PLPC cab to smoke, after enjoying your PLPC yesterday. Thanks. Regards
  8. Lemme know if this link works to automatically add you to the group
  9. How about a whatsapp group of the Houston cigar guys? If everyone has whatsapp of download in the App Store great for worldwide messaging and calling for free. You guys can message me your name/number I can set it up. Regards.
  10. It’s all good but can’t stand any of the other anejados. Which is why this one surprised me. I had written it off before starting the cigar. Regards.

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