Havana Magazine Cigar Issue, with Festival Event Venues.

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Just got this in the mail today.

I've mentioned this magazine here a few times before but this issue is dedicated to Cuban cigars and tobacco. Interviews with Hector Luis Prieto and quite a few of the people working for him, including Miguel's son.


I haven't read through all of it yet but looks like some good stuff. Plus, for the first time this year I see the venues posted for the Habanos Festival events.


7:30pm Welcoming Evening dedicated to H. Upmann Sir Winston Gran Reserva Cosecha 2011. Cocktail at Club Habana.

So a welcome box of 2 Sir Winston Gran Reserva Cosecha 2011 handed out that night. The opening night was in Club Habana 3 years ago. It's a nice venue for it, lots of space, and outside space. Food could have been a bit more organised, I had to share a fork with Simon Chase and his wife. Eat before you go, same goes for all the events.


 7:30pm Evening dedicated to the Quai D’Orsay brand . Venue: El Laguito Protocol Hall.

Free Quai d'Orsays that night


7:30pm Gala Evening dedicated to Montecristo and its new Línea 1935. Traditional Humidor Auction. Venue: PABEXPO


The full list of festival events is on page 69 but lots of good stuff in this issue.

As I've said before, for anyone going to Cuba I'd recommend downloading this as a pdf to their smart phone as an offline guide. It has always been handy for me for restaurant numbers and addresses.

Link: http://www.lahabana.com/content/monthly-guide/

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Great issue of the magazine, you beat me to posting it, Andy :-)

Loved the pictures of Hector Luis and his staff and the text in that portrait. Well done.

Can only recommend the magazine for anyone travelling to HAV, especially the restaurant and cultural/musical events listings.

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From the Hector interview: 


What is your preference among cigars?

Caliber 60. I don’t have any specific time of day for smoking, I’ll start early in the day and I’m always holding a cigar.

Not surprising then that much of what Miguel rolls is 56 ring or higher.  Hector also says thin RGs are for women. :lmao:  Maybe people will stop blaming Americans for the large ring trend now? :fuel:

In all seriousness, thanks for sharing.  What a fantastic publication.

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      ** THANK You!  Very enjoyable and informative info here!  :2thumbs:

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