Two people dead after light plane crashes into Perth's Swan River

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Two people dead after light plane crashes into Perth's Swan River



Two people have been killed after a light plane crashed into Perth's Swan River where hundreds of boats were in position for the Australia Day fireworks show.

The City of Perth cancelled the fireworks show following the incident.


Rescue boats surround the plane. (9NEWS)


BREAKING NEWS tonight's sky show has been cancelled @9NewsPerth Full details.

— Emmy Kubainski (@emmykubainski) January 26, 2017



Due to the plane crash. Skyworks has been cancelled.

— City of Perth (@CityofPerth) January 26, 2017


The crash was captured on video and posted to social media, along with dozens of comments from shocked onlookers.

This is a breaking news story. 

More detail will be added shortly. You can get breaking news alerts on your phone by downloading our app, 9NEWS Alerts, available on iPhone and Android.

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Passenger films thunderstorm from plane window

A United Airlines passenger has filmed a thunderstorm light show outside his window while flying through it.


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You can remain anonymous. Click here for more information.
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Looks like it hit the water hard. The turn looks a bit like the dreaded Stall to spin on base turn that's claimed many over the years. Unfortunate as I heard there's 3 young kids left behind, and father/mother were the 2 deceased. 

Tragic all round. The bird was a beauty.

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Yes that was just terrible to see. It's an old Grumman Mallard that lives up here in Brisbane at Archerfield airport. I always loved to see it when I drove past that part of the air field. Someone suggested to me that it might have been aileron failure but it just looked like he attempted the turn too low with not enough speed. when that wing tip went too close to vertical it was game over.

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Sad indeed. I believe the kids mum, wasn't on the plane, it was the pilots new partner on board. Classic, steep turn, low airspeed, no height, load the wing and the stall speed goes way up.  Probably distracted by also having to keep within a certain area of operation.



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