They can't see the wood for the trees: "Discontinued Review Weekend!"

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They can't see the wood for the trees: "Discontinued Cigar Review Weekend!"

It has been a tough week mentally processing the 2017 discontinuation list. Personally it has only made me think of all the others that we have lost over the past 17 years.

I wear two hats in this game. Vendor and cigar lover.  There are always cigars to sell so that part doesn't concern me.....but there are cigars which are personally irreplaceable. I will expand on this in another thread but for now, let's have a Discontinued Cigar Review Weekend

  1. Post a review of a discontinued cigar (discontinued since 2000 including 2017's).
  2. start a new thread in the waterhole  in the following format:  H. Upmann Petit Corona  ULA MAY 14: Discontinued Cigar Review Weekend
  3. Include a photo/photo's.
  4. We will do the draw Wednesday morning local time (pretend it is an extra long weekend :D) One review, one ticket.
  5. FOH Ashtray and a couple of great cigars.

Have a great weekend all!



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Is there a limit to the number of reviews (beyond the number of cigars that one could reasonably smoke and review over the given time period)?

Ask as there's been a fair few discontinued in the past 15 years.....

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I am not supposed to smoke, but I think that Chris send me a Bolivar Demi Tasse some time ago, and if I have not smoked it already I may just shudder myself up in the shop and inhale it...!

I want to take part in this review, and have not smoked a cigar in a month... May the gods of bone growth, take pity on me!

Cheers! -the Pig

PS: CaptQ is already made a good start!!! Read his review of the Party TPC...

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