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  1. I only visited one store that sold authentic CCs. Prices after 18% tax were within a couple bucks per cigar of online prices. Not bad for singles. Trinidad was closer to Cuba prices than current online, I would have bought Fundadores and 1 or 2 more boxes Esmeralda if they had them.
  2. @Frinkiac7thank you for the reply. I picked up some boxes of Trinidad for a good price at Cabinet in Santiago. I went ti a place in Puerto Plata that had a couple roller tables and their own brand. The cigar was decent and they had some interesting fakes. Collectors Edicion Sublimes 😂 Trinidad Robusto Extras are back!!!😂
  3. @Jeanff it was unusual to see but David explained they put them in cellophane because dipshits with poor etiquette like to fondle and sniff them and then place them back on the shelf. They also had barcode price stickers on each of the singles so I think that's another reason. The store was 90+% NC which most come with cellophane from the factory. All the boxes on the shelves were sealed and he allowed me to look through the inventory of sealed boxes in the cabinets below for boxes or codes that I might want to purchase. I am by no means a Cuban cigar expert but I've seen plenty of fakes in my travels through Mexico and Central America. Nothing of the boxes or singles raised any concern but I couldn't get myself to buy a Cohiba Piramid Extra in cello. CoPE in cello just doesn't sit well with me, bad experience 20 years ago in Honduras.
  4. Scored these at Cabinet Cigar while on vacation in the DR. My first boxes of the newer Trinidad vitolas and the Eligados as well. For $40 I'd recommend the book to any aficionado. The short smokes and accessories were tossed in the bag gratis.
  5. A couple today while on vacation in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. '15 Punch DC '15 Corona Claro
  6. @Stoyan, thank you for the recommending Cabinet Cigar shop. David, the guy working the shop was polite and helpful. Prices were a little higher than what can be had online for most Habanos, except Trinidad are still at 2019 prices which was awesome because I had been wanting to get the new vitolas. They had a decent selection, missing a couple marcas but had a bunch of hard to find sticks. They also had a really nice lounge, great drinks and great service. I'll post my purchase in the "latest CC purchase" thread.
  7. Oh yea, thank you for the opportunity. Almost half way there.
  8. I will definitely try them. I have been enjoying Dominican cigars out of my stash the last few weeks. Really looking forward to trying some local sticks.
  9. Thank you, good to hear you enjoyed Cabarete, we're really looking forward to it and I will bring plenty. I wasn't able to come up with any good prospects for finding a box of Opus in my online research, appreciate the confirmation. I will look into the Leon Jimenez/La Aurora tour, thank you for the recommendation. I will check out the airport selection but I don't really want to pay the mark up that Opus can demand. I was thinking there would be a similar retail cigar market as Cuba but it seems that cigar tourism just isn't early as big in the DR.
  10. My wife and I are going to be spending a few days in the Dominican Republic next week. We are flying in and out of Santiago spending most of our time in Cabarete but will have time to tour around. I was wondering if there are any factory tours or cigar shops that would be worth visiting. I would like to find a box of Opus X Angel's Share if possible. The LFD factory offers tours so that is one possibility but would like to hear of any others. Any advice on restaurants or places to see would be appreciated also. Thanks in advance, Daniel
  11. For 3 days I couldn't taste anything, it seemed like it happened overnight. Then gradually back to normal over the next couple days. I had the rona/pneumonia pretty bad in November '21 so I didn't smoke a cigar for about a month. They taste better than ever after the break. My wife and couple of my adult children lost taste for 1-3 weeks and still say coffee has a tinfoil taste and some other things aren't quite back to normal yet.

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