Fort Lauderdale airport shooting

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I am on a flight into MIA as we speak landing in 45 min, and I fly in/out of both every week. My girlfriend runs a shipping co and was at Port Everglades working out some cargo issues when it happened. She's home safe in Aventura now. She said it was an unbelievable amount of security presence with combat vehicles etc everywhere. Don't even know what to say at this point. 

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Yep, pandemonium! My office is about 15 miles from there. 

I'm flying out of FLL on Wednesday, back on Thursday. Rumor is they took the shooter into custody, but then they discovered there may be a accomplice, so they shut down I-595 and all the surrounding streets. 



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My sister in law, her husband and baby were there today when it happened. They were waiting for their flight back home to Toronto. They were in a group that fled the terminal and went to the private jet hangar area. I picked them up about an hour ago walking down the street north of the airport. 

I was supposed to leave from there tomorrow around 1 pm. The whole airport is shut down now until they secure everything. Trying to figure out what to do. 

My sympathies to those effected by the senseless violence.

Remember to tell the people that need to know that you love them whenever you can.   


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Crazy to see it on the news, senseless act by a coward.
I flew out of Lauderdale many times with my family when I lived in SFLA. Weird to see places you've been many times on the news, can't imagine. Heart goes out to those affected.


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good to hear that your family is safe, ThePolski.  and have a safe return.  senseless act on random people indeed.  

i’m following this event as the facts unfold, as its so close to home.  

unique, in my memory, circumstances in how the suspect was able to carry out this attack.

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Just another terrible event that goes to show just how vulnerable we all are when away from home. But what do you do. It's so hard to make all aspects of an airport totally safe from a random act of violence.

Many years ago, long before 911 I was a competition pistol shooter. I competed in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. This of course involved me travelling with a Smith and Wesson 357 mag and a couple of hundred rounds of ammo. All checked into my luggage and all in the same bag. I was always a little nervous about the airport experience when competing. I once competed in the Bianchi Cup in Missouri and we traveled about a little before getting to Missouri. While leaving Orlando to fly to Columbia Missouri they put a huge bright orange sticker on my bag which read " Fire arms inside". Now this bag was to be spinning around at it's next touchdown on the baggage carousel waiting for me to come and pick it up. God knows for how long before I arrived to retrieve it. It had a big sticker on it saying steel this bag if you want to engage in some mayhem.

If that was their idea of security back then how far have we come for this very similar thing to have happened.  

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