Hatefull 8

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I know the move has been out for a while but I just got around to viewing it because it has been on our tele.

for free so why not.  Crazy film only the guy that did Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and a host of other insanely

wild movies could produce this.

Anyway this brings to mind cigars that were not "up to snuff" in 2016 and really let you down.  Let us

limit the number to 8 and call them your "Hatefull 8" for 2016.  Look forward to your views.

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LFD Andalusian Bull
CAO Amazon Basin
Camacho Diploma (davidoff)
1/2 of the Hamlet robustos had burn issues.
Romeo and Julieta ex 4
Cohibas robustos
Anything made by General cigars
Anything made by Rocky Patel

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   * The La Escepcion Italian RE long and skinny - ergh! 

  * ANY Fonseca KDT & Cosacos - air, empty air

And I too can't come up with too many (or any) more than that! BTW, The Hateful Eight was Quentin Tarrantino bloody bliss! Wow! :surprised:

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