sabrage - gone wrong

Ken Gargett

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Pure gold.

If you actually know what you are doing then this is easy and fun. If you don't, there will be blood. the bloke who taught me, a Scottish waiter in France, could do it with the base of a wine glass. didn't even need a blade.

but paradoxically, the better the champagne, the more chance of success. cheaper bottles far more likely to explode. i know that from experience. i have a scar from "opening" a very cheap bottle at a presentation in vietnam in front of 200 people. tried to do it with the back of a saw. very embarrassing. there was blood.


Love the way the bloke in the top video picks up the towel, and just when you think he is about to be a gentleman, mops his own face and leaves the poor woman dripping wet.

And how the Chinese woman didn’t lose her hand??? And then drinks from the smashed remnants!


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Laughed when I wasn't cringing. I've only done sabrage twice, luckily, I was successful both times..... but I've never attempted it with a meat cleaver! That Chinese woman thought she had to chop it off.

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