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I couldn't be happier to be a Chicago guy! So proud to see our team earn this! 

What a ridiculous night.  Got my first dose of heartbreak as a Cubs fan in 1984 when I was 6.  Then there was the loss to the Giants in 89, the sweep to ATL in 98, of course the Bartman collapse in 03

Celebrating bigly tonight!

2016 World Series - Game 3 Summary

  • Cleveland win 1-0 away. Cleveland achieve a Major League postseason 5th shutout this season
  • Josh Tomlin and Andrew Miller's pitching in the first six innings set up the victory, in my opinion.
  • Kyle Hendricks allowed six hits and two walks in 4.1 innings pitched before being pulled. His six strikeouts maintained his shutout. 
  • Coco Crisp's game-winning hit in the 7th of Carl Edwards Jr was the first time a pinch-hitter brought home a pinch-runner in a World Series game to win.
  • The Cubs had baserunners on 2nd and 3rd in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs, but closer Cody Allen struckout Javier Baez on a high, rising fastball to end the game.
  • The Cubs went 0-for-7 with runners in scoring position.
  • Andrew Miller's 15 consecutive scoreless innings is a postseason record for a reliever.
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2016 World Series - Game 4 Summary

  • Cleveland win 7-2 away. Cleveland are 1 win away from their first World Series since 1948
  • Corey Kluber, pitching on three days rest, was critical to the overall win. He pitched six innings, allowed 5 hits and a walk and 1 run. His 0.89 ERA this postseason is the second best in postseason history for pitchers who have pitched at least 30 innings
  • Jason Kipnis hit a 3-run home run to put the game beyond doubt in the 7th innings when Cleveland were leading 4-1.
  • The Indians took full advantage of Kris Bryant's two fielding errors
  • Dexter Fowler hit a consolation home run in the 8th to end Andrew Miller's scoreless innings streak, however Miller's 30 strikeouts this postseason as a reliever is a new record
  • Again, Chicago's offense was key to their loss. Cleveland went 3-for-8 with runners in scoring position, whereas Chicago were 1-for-7. The Cubs have been unable to collect critical hits in their last two games
  • Personally speaking, and I'd like to apologise to Cubs fans in advance, but this game was unworthy of the outstanding baseball we've enjoyed as fans in the first three games. If the Cubs bow out in Game 5 in the same fashion they did in Game 4, I feel that this will be a great disservice to their fans, especially after they collected over 100 wins in the regular season. Whilst I readily acknowledge that Cleveland players such as Corey Kluber, Andrew Miller and Francisco Lindor have enjoyed exceptional performances, I can't accept players of the calibre of Wilson Contreras and Addison Russell batting like they did today. They way they struckout at balls outside the strikezone, at key moments, is a letdown to other players such as Ben Zobrist who has consistently battled in his at-bats (by fouling off good pitches) this World Series to collect hits, hence his .375 average.
  • No amount of blame on 'Billy Goats, Black Cats and Steve Bartman' or excuses for Cleveland's good pitching, is going to compensate for an improvement in the Cubs performance after today's game. Joe Maddon, as manager, requires a pep-talk in the manner that Terry Collins did with the Mets this season to turn them around and at least reach the Wild Card game, despite their many injuries. I don't mind the Cubs losses in Games 1 and 3, but Game 4 was not good enough for the calibre of players in this team
  • For Game 5, Jon Lester has to perform in the manner he has this postseason and keep the Cubs in the contest. I'm looking for Javier Baez to perform in the same way he has in the NCLS for Chicago to breakout in their offense. The Cubs have to get an early lead as I don't see them getting hits/runs off Andrew Miller and Cody Allen.
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I was quietly wishing for a Game Six on my way to work this morning because after all, how many classic World Series Game Six(es) have there been over the years? (1956, 1975, 1986, 2011)

See you in Cleveland on Tuesday night, there is life yet!

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2016 World Series - Game 5 Summary

  • Chicago win 3-2 at home. This is Cleveland's first loss this postseason after gaining an early lead in a game
  • Kris Bryant's home run opened up the 4th innings, with Addison Russell and David Ross also driving in runs
  • Trevor Bauer pitched very, very well. He had 7 strikeouts, including 5 of the first 10 batters. His only blemish was the 4th innings 
  • Francisco Lindor is continuing to excel this World Series, with a RBI in the sixth today and aggressive base running
  • Aroldis Chapman came into the game in the 7th innings to record the final 8 outs. He threw over 40 pitches for the second time this Fall Classic, easily the most in his career
  • I was in shock/disbelief when Chapman came up to bat in the bottom of the 8th with a runner in scoring position. It was a risky move by Joe Maddon, and it could have easily gone wrong, but Chapman to his credit kept the Indians scoreless at the end.
  • Cody Allen pitched multiple innings at the end of the game for Cleveland to keep them in the game. Andrew Miller was not utilised.
  • So we're off to Progressive Field, Cleveland on Tuesday night for Game 6. I'd like to know if Jake Arrieta can back-up his superlative performance in Game 2. I'd like to know if Josh Tomlin can continue to be dominant this postseason, despite three days rest. I'd like to know why we haven't had extra innings in this series. One thing I do know, and that is that there's no surprises why the scoring has been on the low side, the pitching has been very effective.
  • The momentum, in my mind, is behind Cleveland to win at home in Game 6. Chicago have been too stifled offensively in the last 3 games to shake the Indians pitching 'off their groove'. When they do, they can score multiple runs, such as in the 4th innings today.
  • Despite the favouritism of the Indians, the Cubs can still rally and force a game seven if they can play as well as they did in Game 5.
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Tough game last night, but as a Tribe fan, gotta say losing 3-2 with our fifth best pitcher facing their ace is no reason to lose heart.  Crammed a week of work travel into two days so I could make it back to Cleveland for game 6, I will be in attendance tmrw and hope to see a one-in-a-lifetime celebration.


Been a great series so far, hopefully it ends tmrw.  

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Actually have tickets to see the Chicago Blackhawks tomorrow. Don't know how we will deal with it though as the client that I am taking is a HUGE Cubs fan. Probably spend half the game out in the lounge watching the Cubs.......LOL. Never would have expected to go see the Blackhawks and not want to watch the game.....

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2016 World Series - Game 6 Summary

  • Chicago win 9-3 away. The game was lost, in my opinion, in the first innings due to a fielding error in the outfield on a missed catch due to miscommunication between center fielder Tyler Naquin and right fielder Lonnie Chisenhall
  • Kris Bryant's home run opened up this game in the 1st innings, with Addison Russell adding a 2-run RBI on the fielding error in the outfield
  • Addison Russell hit a grand slam in the 3rd innings to give Chicago a 7-0 lead. This was the only grand slam hit by a shortstop in World Series history. Russell, at 22 is the second youngest player to hit a grand slam in the Fall Classic, the youngest, at 21 is Mickey Mantle. Russell had a stellar 6-RBI game
  • Josh Tomlin, on three days rest, could not get past the 3rd inning.
  • Aroldis Chapman again had to pitch multiple innings, and it seemed that he sustained a leg injury in the bottom of the 7th when he ran out Francisco Lindor at 1st base. Will Chapman see action and perform to his best in game 7 or is he already spent?
  • Jake Arrieta threw 102 pitches to fan nine and pick up the win. He lasted 5 and 2/3 innings
  • Was Kyle Schwarber a welcome return today as designated hitter in the No.2 spot? I think he was!
  • So onto Game 7. You wanted it, I wanted it, we all wanted it. The Cubs have gone without since 1908 and the Indians have not had a World Series title since 1948 either. Are you ready for a potential Cy Young duel?
  • The thought of Corey Kluber and Kyle Hendricks squaring off against each other reminds me of another famous Game 7...1991 Jack Morris for the Minnesota Twins vs John Smoltz of the Atlanta Braves. And what a game that turned out to be!
  • Can Corey Kluber maintain a sub 1.00 ERA in the postseason off another three days rest?
  • Can Kyle Hendricks avenge his start in Game 3 where he could not pitch into the 5th inning?
  • Can Aroldis Chapman pitch multiple innings in game 7, I mean, is he up to doing another repeat heroic performance?
  • What if Game 7 goes into extra innings...will you stand the tension? One thing is for sure...both teams will be playing hard from the beginning because as we've mentioned previously, there's little chance of a comeback after the 6th innings with both teams dominating this series with their bullpens
  • See you on Wednesday night, 8 pm ET!
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Going to be a pitchers duel.  Whichever teams' Starter lasts the longest is going to win the game.  I just can't bet against Hendricks even if home teams are 9-1 in game 7's since 1980.  He's too good and has ice in his veins.  Chicago's defense has also been stellar.  Anyway it goes it should be a great game with both teams leaving it all out on the field.  

I only wish my grandpa had lived long enough to see this day.  He was a Chicagoan and a life time Cubs fan. . .

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25 minutes ago, PaulPower said:

Whatever happens, who ever wins, this has been a damn fine season. I love my Cubs no matter what.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Lifelong Cubs fan...Go Cubs!

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