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Man I haven't been on FOH in 3 years unfortunately. Used to be on all day. What has been going on everyone?? What are the new "must try" sticks? Does Rob sell Hamlets now?? strada, claus, riaz, rob, frank, art, shane, boomersooner, Laficion whats up guys?? I apologize if I forgot to mention anyone. I had somerough times, like most people, but I sincerely missed you guys.

--Matt L. (Frank Black) 豐

anyone down for a Los Angeles meet up??

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...Lots of questions there, Frank! New releases of LCDH's, a trip to the Great Place in November by way of the Czar where you'll have to make reservations, I gather. Keith (CanukSarTech) unfortunately lost his dad earlier this month, we're all in mourning with him, Bundwallah is a Moderator on the forum now, the LFTH is consisting more of specials the Czar announces a brand at a time now here and there. American political discussion is a No-No on the forum now (strictly enforced) because tensions and emotions run too high during it. Many are in guarded anticipation because Min Ron Nee is supposed to be coming out with a new and more enhanced Encyclopedia of the Havana Cigar which will include new and newer releases. That's pretty much some of what's gone on since you've been away. Glad to have ya back! waving.gif

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I'm sorry if I forgot anyone's name but thanks for the updates Cigcars!! (I used to know your name i swear!)

Very interesting, the november trip with rob sounds awesome. That would be a dream come true. My deepest sympathies to Keith, I lost my father when I was younger. Very kool that Frank is the moderator... I'm sure he does a great job,and I can see how the political talk is a no no, especially now. Emotions do run deep online. Glad to be Back!!! Claus, always ALWAYS a pleasure. Doug, are you freezing your ass off in jersey?? It was 90F here today!!! LA is blessed with good weather I suppose. How did u do in Hurricane Sandy?? I was in Long Island at the time!!! We got hit hard. So I imagine it was hard for you.

Now, I have heard about the new updated MRN book for a couple years now I think. I heard it will be VERY expensive and very limited. True?? Will it be a pre-order basis? I have no idea other than I want it now!!! lol

One Love! --Matt aka FrankBlack豐

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yea i know i had that rediculous blow up on another forum, the maseratimatt days are far gone though. I sincerely apologize.

Fair enough, apologize accepted. Welcome back and I hope to Herf with you soon.

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I'm in LA and would also be interested in an LA meet up.

Also, where can I find out about these LFTH/LFTW? Can't seem to find this anywhere. Fine, I'm a newbie on this site. You caught me. ;)

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