March 2013 HQ Sampler

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You asked for it spotlight.gif . I have put together the best of March 2013 HQ Sampler from some of the best stock that I have seen. There is one cigar of each from the list + a bonus Rafael Gonzalez Perla.

These are great to smoke through the following months. A nice way to try stock that you have given up on or re-visit old favourites. For newcomers, samplers do not come any better.

***Please e-mail Di direct. Due to the limited quantity of HQ stock, this sampler can't last too long.

Each Sampler will have a Box code sheet included.


USD $255

AUD $440















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Looks like a nice range of sizes and marcas. Some I have had, others I have thought about and all look like solid choice.

Email about to be sent.

Thanks for this offering.



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Someday.. Someday I'm going to get me a box of those Choixe Supreme's.. And some Sir Winstons.. Some day.. And maybe a Siglo...Ah shucks.. I gotta get out of here!

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With specials like these, I should probably do a reverse mortgage and by the lot! Next time after my smokes from the "Live from the Warehouse" events have been enjoyed...what an awesome deal.

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This looked like too much fun to pass up as always :).

.... I think I need to start attending meetings....hopefully Di has one of these left for me when she gets my email



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Any left ? Why is there two different prices ?

send email to Di, address is in the first post and ask her if there is any left. The two prices are for people in different parts of the world. The first price is for people not in Oz. The second price is the those who are in Oz.

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Thanks dpodiluk for helping a noob, email just sent.


No problem, this sampler is a great option for noobs. I also got one myself, should keep me busy this summer.

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