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  1. Such an amazing country with fertile soil and hard working people. If unleashed I am sure they could provide for themselves and thrive, but not with the gov standing over like an evil stepmother.
  2. So much suck going on for the everyday folks... I really wish I could get on a plane and spend some money with a Casa Particular, eat at small places and buy lots of cigars and rum.....I am happy to pump dollars into the economy. Just let us wave our vaccine card (yeah I know that doesn't really make a difference) and get on a plane.
  3. If only I could reach through that RASS pic and write my name on a couple of cabs!!!
  4. The balance between tourist/mule money and covid cost, that is some brutal math to calculate.
  5. So crazy, to have money but no materials....and then COVID destroys the economy so there is less money and even less materials. And yet there are still folks in the world that want more Gov control.
  6. I wonder if all the time at home is helping fuel a resurgence in cigar enjoyment?
  7. Such amazing people, this reminds me of the "special period" days when I first started going to Cuba....except this seems worse in that the reforms and possible reforms could improve things so much. Crazy world
  8. Slap after Slap with a shove, kick and push.....how much can the people take? I have so much respect for the individuals trying to make it under these crazy rules and changes. Of course I have a selfish interest in traveling to Cuba, my cigars and rum. But I always stay at Casas and eat at Palidars in the hope that they money flows more to the people than gov....just sucks.
  9. Wow, non majority share...... I wonder how long that will last after things are good again? But I can understand how they have to surrender to reality with COVID and no other money coming in.
  10. I am an ICU RN, and I will only get it if it grants be travel ability.....otherwise I am no risk of problems even if I get COVID and work around positive patients 40+ hrs a week since it started and haven't gotten it yet (at least not bad enough to know).
  11. John thanks for the boots on the ground update... Normally I visit in the spring for the harvest but I had thought about going this month just to help inject some cash into the economy but I am not sure if it is more of a burden to have a tourist around. I will have to check with my fav 2 Casas to see if they are still in operation.
  12. I feel for the farmers and rural workers, if you have ever been to Cuba you know they have it the worst. Even the towns of Pinar del Rio and Vinales don't offer much and the people at the bottom fee it all the most.
  13. Wow that is more detailed information than I would have expected. Not great news but I hope they can recover nicely.

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