Saying hello from NC..


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Hello to all!

Just wanted to take a moment to introduct myself "officially" as I've been lurking for quite a while. I'm Clay from Greensboro, NC (for the time being as I am looking to relocate my family to Richmond, VA).

I've been a cigar smoker since 1997 and enjoying Habanos shortly thereafter. I'm not sure I have one specific brand I enjoy; however, I do prefer the pyramid, robusto and corona extra size cigars as my life is a bit hectic. Time seems to always get in the way of being able to enjoy anything larger. The first cuban cigar I tried was a 1998 Flor De Cano corona (it may have been a petit corona) and it really "put the hook in me".

My other vice-aka hobby- is bourbon whiskey. My family hails from KY so I have had a long standing appeciation for bourbon. If I were to select a current favorate everyday pour I'd have to go with Elmer T. Lee or Evan Williams Single Barrel-enjoying a glass of 2002 vintage as I type..

Anyway- just thought I'd drop a quick note..regards to all.


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