Filipino cigars?

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So my dad's friend brought me back some filipino cigars on his recent trip to the Philippines as he heard that I'm a fan of cigars. What can I expect? I'll have to get some more info from my dad on exactly what make they are. I thought the gesture was nice but I'm not holding my breath.

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What were they, Alhambras or Flor de Filipine? The original blend of Fighting Cock and Double Happiness cigars that premiered in the mid 1990's had a moderate popularity going for them, their tobaccos coming from the shadow of Mount Pinatubo. Some samplers of their Fighting Cock selections described the flavor being similar to a weak Bolivar Habanos. When you get the low down on what the brands are please do sample them and tell us the brand name, and if you liked or enjoyed them. European Cigar-Cult Journal magazine had a recent article about the attempted resurgence of Filipino cigars.

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I've only had the experience one stick x 2 and it was the Independencia 1898 Robusto.For what it's worth I'll post a review I wrote for it last year.I was really very pleased with it on both occasions.....good luck!

"This was my 2nd of this Filipino cigar,I bought a trio a little while back on the strength of a positive review and I haven't been at all disappointed.I wasn't sure if I'd just got lucky with the first one so I was keen to see what I got today,turns out the first time was not a fluke.

There's not much on the pre-light draw but then I'm not very good at picking much up from cold anyway.The wrapper is pretty fragile and I learned from the first one that you have to clip it very finely or there's a wrapper that wants to unravel on you.It's not at all aesthetically pleasing actually but there's nothing missing in the taste!

Sweet and creamy flavours in the first 1/3 with a grassy,sweet smoke finish (really nice) At about the halfway point,still a very creamy draw but then there was this huge caramel finish going on! Going into the final 1/3 and it was still that lovely cool and creamy (that word again smile.gif) draw and call me insane but the final 1/3 of this stick on both occasions now has been very reminiscent of The Reyes,honest!! Great aroma,great burn and a fantastically sweet finish all the way through,I've still got it lingering now.Smoked right to the finger burning point and never bitter or tarry.

For a light smoke I reckon it it gives The Choix Supreme a run and I would definitely choose it over something like an Exb 4.This really is one fantastic smoke and at around £7 a throw it's outstanding!! If you can get hold of one or two please do,IMHO you'll be very pleased with it"

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I have a friend who bought me a 10 box of Flor de Filipinas Reserva Petit Torpedos just under a year ago.

I tried one a month in and it wasn't great.

I've got 9 left and will probably try one soon (~April) to see if I was mistaken.

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  • 2 months later...

Any updates or reviews ???

My finacee will be visiting her family in a few months before returning to the US. I'm looking for some suggestions for her to bring back some samples.

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