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Morning peoples !

Will kick off in 15 minutes.

Life from the Warehouse will run for the next 6 hours so feel free to pop away and pop back in. Live From The Warehouse takes a little longer as I need to locate the high end stock (if any), grade it, photograph it and then load it here. Bare with me.

No OLH until February at this stage as we are full.

Aussies use www.***** for your pricing.

See you shortly.

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Yes, and for the love of god PLEASE quote the box you are trying to snag instead of just posting "MINE"

Two key words here MINE,PLEASE

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H. Upmann Number 2


Excellent boxes of Upmann Number 2 in both PSP, HQ, and PE. Great to have a batch back to this standard as it is not always the case.

Post here and e-mail the lovely Diana immediately to secure your box.

PSP (4 Boxes) $288 USD SOLD


HQ (1 Box) $264 USD SOLD


PE (5 boxes). Forgot to take photo ....nice start. Standard price as at www.*****

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