Next box Boli GM or Trinidad T?

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Very different cigars. Both discontinued. The BGM's are cheaper and there seems to be more of them around and they're ready to smoke and have been for a while. The Rob T's are delicious cigars too though. I'd take one over a BHK52 anyday. :) If you're willing to spend a bit more, grab the Rob T's but you may need to let them rest depending on what you think of your first sample. If you want instant gratification, go for the BGM's.

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Yes to sound like a broken record, 2 very different cigars size wise and taste wise. BGM is a dalia while Robo T is a robusto. I personally prefer the dalia vitola over robusto. Taste wise, BGM is a more intense flavor, spicy yet very smooth. Trini is more light, grassy, and honey cigar.

No one besides you will know what you will like more. They're both relatively inexpensive, and comes in 10's so you can try both without breaking bank. Get them both now before they'll be harder to find in a couple years.

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me and three mates all bought BGM from the sale a few weeks back, 3 separate boxes and we have all raved about them, beauty of a size, great profile...I like Trini T's but Robusto's are everywhere. Both are good but I'd be 100% behind the BGM

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