Potential Humidor Conversion Project

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So my in-laws are doing some remodeling and have offered the below TV Armoire to me for free. It has "HUMIDOR" written all over it except I have not the slightest wood working skills or knowledge on how to go abouts with this thing. I have already contacted a buddy that is a Carpenter to see if he'd like to guide me through this/do it for me! It's about 6.5ft tall, 4ft wide and 2.5ft deep. As you can see, it already has the drawers for singles and 2 large spaces for boxes.

Things I believe need to get done:

1. Gutted, cleaned, re-stained, and lined with cedar

2. New back with airtight seal

3. New front doors with airtight seal

4. Cooling and humidity unit with air circulation fans added

5. Drawers need to be scaled down to fit behind closed door

Here are some pictures of it now and also what I think it could look like when done. Obviously, color and door style to be decided later but the 4 door concept with the top 2 doors covering the upper space and drawers and then 2 more doors covering the bottom space.

Anyone near the Ventura County interested in getting involved?




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I am in the process of building a large standing humidor with the fellow who built our log home north of Toronto. I have been going through the threads here as well as the web. Anthony's knowledge of wood and box construction is great. After all, this is really what these things are, fancy boxes.

One thing to consider is to forgo the cedar lining and put the money in better electronics /humidity control. The cigars are already in cedar boxes.

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I converted an industrial two door fridge into a humidor and used marine grade mahagony ply. It is great to work with and it looks great inside a cabinet humi. You can also save money doing this and like mentioned above spend the coin on electronics or filling it :thumbsup:

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I know exactly how to do it mate... but don't know if I can afford the time. Call me and we can meet for cigar and talk about the project. As always I am happy to help by any means I can. I will be happy to take part within limits. -Ray

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