Wild Turkey American Honey

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Someone gave me a gift for my birthday of a bottle of Wild Turkey American Honey and told me it was a great pairing with a cigar.

Last night I had some on the rocks with a Bolivar Petit Corona. It was a first for both. The Bolivar was superb, I was very impressed. I also enjoyed the subtle whiskey flavor along with the sweetness. However, it might have been slightly overpowering. Wonder if anyone else has paired this drink with a smoke?

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It was sweet, however, I think it brought out some great flavors in the Bolivar, a lot of leather and cream. I find sweet to pair well, chocolate for instance or even some ports are sweeter then others.

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Found the American Honey sweet and tastes better straight from the freezer. For a while there is was one of my favourites.

Another one to try is Barenjager Honey Liqueur. Also great from the freezer, has a stronger alcohol kick but also very nice, one to try.


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