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  1. I am watching "Boardwalk Empire" on Netfilx. I'm in the middle of season four and it is an excellent show. After this I am going to watch "The Wire", which I have heard some say was the best cable show ever made.
  2. He had risen. He has risen indeed. Let's remember the real reason for the holiday.
  3. He once said, " about 65 years ago I lost $2 at the race track, I have spent about $3 million trying to get it back". Unique and colorful guy.
  4. My parents had their fiftieth 4 years ago. We had a party for them the whole shebang. Two months after the party my dad tells me that they miscalculated. It was actually their 51st anniversary. We had a good laugh over that one.
  5. I have been watching this thread in utter amazement from the very first post. Laughing at the comments of the people that have been duped by what seem to be bad counterfeits. However, I had a first hand experience with the Mighty Fohiba this weekend that makes me think that the people that fall for this stuff need a new seeing eye dog. My daughter just came back last weekend from a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with her senior class. She as well as much of her class was very blessed to be part of something bigger than themselves. They helped out at local orphanages and children's hospitals. The day after she returned, a very nice boy and friend of the family from her class called me and said he wanted to come over and give me a present that he had bought me in the DR. He got to my house with a brown paper bag under his arm and proceeded to take from it the almighty Mighty Fohiba, plastic lid and all. Gentlemen, if you have not seen this beast in real life and only experienced it on this thread, believe me when I tell you it is a sight to behold. He was very proud of the fact that he bargained the merchant from $240 to $20 for the box (I really do love this kid). Upon examination it looked like a tampon wrapped in a rotten banana peel, and smelled like cleaning detergent. Typically, in the past I would smoke a counterfeit, just to see the quality, however, I am afraid to smoke these things, they might make me blind or something worse. The stamp on the box seemed to be written with a magic marker and the labels bear no resemblance to the real McCoy's. Now when I read these posts and see people try and defend their purchases, hash tags and all, I really have to scratch my head.
  6. Coffee is an excellent pairing. I also enjoy sparkling water, club soda or diet cola. I once found a chocolate-fudge diet soda that was interesting with a cigar, however, I have not seen it since.
  7. I don't know if this was a contributor. I am usually all over the board when it comes to drinking with my cigars. However, I do not usually mix red and white wines on the same night.
  8. Last night I was with family, we had a few gin and tonics, then some white wine with our baked salmon fillets, then my nephew, brother-in-law and I went into his bar room to smoke. We each had a Hoyo pyrimide, with some red wine. Half way through the smoke it felt as if I was at Woodstock eating the brown acid. I was not in a good way. This has happened to me perhaps 8 times in the last 20 years. Was it the cigar, the mixing of the booze or an off night for me? I hadn't had a smoke for about 3 weeks due to a bad cold. I know others have had similar experiences, I have read about them in posts over the years. What's your best guess, other than I should take off my skirt.
  9. If your worried whether or not they're safe for human consumption, I will make the supreme sacrifice and smoke a few for you just to make sure that they are ok. No need to thank me, it's all in a days work.
  10. I built a humidor that holds somewhere between 400-500 sticks, I tried to get cedar, however, it was a bit of a hassle and expensive. I built the humidor out of pine and left the raw pine on the inside. All of my cigars are in their cedar boxes. If I was keeping them loose it would have been more of a concern to me. I have seen no adverse affect of the pine.
  11. If it were a contest as to who has the most ash fall on them, I think I might be a favorite.
  12. Too funny. I was just about to ask if it was Ringo or Paul when I saw your response. Its an easy word to confuse.
  13. As you light your cigar and sit back to enjoy it, look around you and count your blessings, I am sure you have many. Sometimes the bright light of our blessings will make our troubles seem dim.
  14. I agree with you regarding temp. .However, where I have my humidor, the temp is always around 70 degrees give or take 1 or 2 degrees. I don't think temp was a factor in the stabilizing RH. My assumption was that perhaps, more cigars draw in more humidity, thus requiring my Oasis to have to work harder. My initial assumption was that the cigars once humidified would give out moisture, thus a full humidor the easier to maintain RH.

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