Hoyo de Monterrey Piramide 2003 EL

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July 4, 2010

88°F, Windy, Humid

I’ve had this single sitting the humidor for close to 7 years now and thought with Smitty’s call for a figurado review, it would be the perfect time to try it out. While the outdoor conditions weren’t my favorite for optimum enjoyment of a cigar, I consider it just about mandatory to smoke a cigar on a holiday weekend!

Pre-cut: I can pick out the aroma of sweet, dry hay. The wrapper isn’t exactly oily, as I don’t seem to find many of my cigars in that condition, but it is a lovely shade of Colorado with a few small veins. Not objectionable at all. Nicely bunched and a firm feel from head to foot.



Taste at cold was pure sweet tobacco. Draw was firm to a bit tight.

1st third: the cigar gives off sweet, floral notes. Body is slightly below medium at this point and the draw, while a bit tight, in not an issue. After 19 minutes the first stage of ash separates from the mothership, right in my lap. Not the first time that’s happened.



2nd third: the body of the cigar is picking up to medium and slightly above. While still on the sweet side, I do detect some pepper notes coming through as well. I’m pleased to see some evolution and while it’s not wowing me at this point, it is a pleasurable smoke. With the windy conditions it’s difficult to notice the amount of smoke being generated. But considering the slightly firm draw and lighter body, I don’t think she’s giving off clouds. Evolving nicely, pretty consistent burn throughout with no touch ups required even when the burn went a little squirrelly half way through.


2nd stage of ash comes off at the 42nd minute into it.

Final third: the power is picking up to a steady medium/medium full, more preponderance of black pepper, some fresh grass, wood, and bittersweet chocolate if you look hard enough for it. I smoked this as far as I could. No harshness or unpleasant heat on the back end.

Laid to rest at 1 hour 23 minutes.


Overall I enjoyed this cigar. It was a nice smooth ride with no unexpected negative occurrences and a decent evolution through the length. The negatives were that it was a bit uneventful for a longer smoke and since it already had several years of age on it, I don’t see them developing any further, they might even be on the way down.

Since I typically enjoy a cigar only twice a week I’m looking for one that hits right out of the gate. Ultimately I feel comfortable giving the HdM Piramide 2003 EL a solid 90 points and think that maybe I should have tried it a couple years ago for more of a bang.


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Excellent review of a cigar I have fond memories of.

If I remember correctly the lads and I purchased 5 boxes while in Havana just after release. I was floored by the sweet creamy nature intertwined with beautiful rich tasted tobacco. They held up beautifully for 5 years but mine began to lose the flavour edge so I traded the balance. Ken still loves his to this day.

Well done :huh:

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Love your review Habanos.

Many have posted some fine reviews with pictures but thus far, IMO, I'd have to say your review was far more in depth. :huh:

Only one problem.....Wish I could get my hands on some of those fine cigars! :lol:

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Nice review.

Nice cigar.

I was in Prague a few weeks ago and was very excited to see an open box of these in a cigar shop there. I've really enjoyed the few that I've smoked.

As I looked at them more closely, however, I had second thoughts. Excess glue all over them. The caps were crude with more dried glue all around. Wrappers at the foot were cracked and torn.

I passed on them but probably I made a mistake and should have picked up at least a few singles.

Oh, well . . .

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There were two release dates for the HDM Pyrimid. I sampled the first and bought a box of the second. Too bad it wasn't the other way around.

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There were two release dates for the HDM Pyrimid. I sampled the first and bought a box of the second. Too bad it wasn't the other way around.

Yes, the first release with the darker Hoyo band was superior. Fantastic cigars when fresh & up until maybe 3 years ago when they began to fade.

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