Romeo y Julieta Belicoso - JUN 07

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It's getting late and I am pretty well wiped out after a weekend of eating, drinking and smoking. Went through 5 or 6 cigars, so figured I should do a review on one. Today's review is of a Romeo y Julieta Belicoso from June 2007.

Construction nd pre-light: Overall pretty decent. Well bunched and nicely wrapped with a slightly lumpy wrapper. Medium brown with just a hint of oil on the tongue. Draw was good, although would have been better had I remembered my cutter and not had to use my teeth. Pre-light flavor was of a light tobacco, slightly earthy.

1st third: Cigar started of just below medium. Flavor was of a damp leather. Mellow, earthy, decent flavor, although nothing worth getting all that excited about.

2nd third: Burn at this point is a little clucky. Needs too many relights to keep the sides somewhere near even. Flavor hasn't changed much. If anything, we've picked up to a medium body cigar, with a bit of creaminess coming through in this middle section. Flavor is reminiscent of the RyJ Churchills, although more muted and subtle. Still getting that wet, earthy flavor with a little hint of spice on the nose. Hate to say it, but I'm getting a bit bored.

last 3rd: No surprises here. Cigar holds on the that monotone leather and earth flavor. It is pleasant and well worth smoking, but just nothing special that makes me want to come back and smoke this again anytime soon.

Overall: This is the 3rd I've had from this box over the last couple of years. This one by far was the most pleasant. THe first was a failure and the second was decent enough to finish, although just barely. This cigar, now with 3 years of age, is starting to come together as a solid smoke. Like I said, the flavor was good. I just wish there had been some progression through the cigar to keep things interesting. Overall, an 86 on my scale.





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Nice looking! How do you cut a cigar? It seemed to me (on the second photo) that you bite her? :D Thanks for sharing!

Unfortunately, the only cutter my buddy had was a punch... pretty worthless for this cigar. Had to resort to using the teeth. Not my preference, but it is effective. :)

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Nice review. I think I'm one of the few guys on here who really likes these. Funnily enough, I agree pretty much with your earthy/spicy comments, and being a bit monotone...I just seem to get on with them quite well.

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I have to concur with this review, I had been gifted a couple of singles of these and they didn't really turn my crank. But then again, I'm not a big R&J fan in the first place.

Thanks for the review!

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Another great review :huh:

I know Bunny likes these but I have always struggled. Just a little too plain Jane for my tastes.

Remarkablly I could never understand why they do not represent the best characteristics of R&J. The R&J Piramide is another case in point. It is almost if they are incapable of tasty marque definitive Figurado's.

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