Obtaining Spanish Cedar

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Well the Lg wine cellar has arrived and I'm chasing some spanish cedar to line the interior

Well it i've tried almost every single wood supplier in Vic and nothing not a single scrap to be found

I was going to line it up like Pigfish did, but I guess thats not going to happen if I cant get the wood

Is it that dificult to get your hands on spanish cedar ??

Well it seems that in Victoria it is ..

If anybody know where I can get some in OZ please send/post number of the distributer


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If you want to line it why not get the cedar from boxes and use that to line it :D a couple of our older members AUS have gotten spanish cedar but not sure where.... try doing a search and the thread might come up


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I found nice spanish cedar on E-Bay to line two large cooleradoors. It was from a guy in maine, U.S.. If you try a search on there, you might find some nice pieces. In fact, I am buying some for a cooler now, and did a search on e-bay for spanish cedar, and got 127 results. If you need larger pieces for a walk in humidor try this link. undefined

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