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  1. I happen to agree with you. Some of the best Cuban's I ever smoked. Boxes of CORO, Espy, a 50 cab of JL #2 from 2008, Punch Punch, Monte Edmundo's, Romeo short Churchills, Wide Churchills, RASS, Trinidad Robustos extra, Robustos T, Reyes. You get the picture. Not sure why, but I believe it let's well blended cigars show their intended taste. On the other hand, I've had dark wrapped cigars I didn't like, turn fantastic years down the road. Also comes down to a matter of preference imo.
  2. Epi #2 and an ice cold beer while grilling steaks for dinner MLO MAR 10 Beautiful aroma, reminds me why I love Cuban cigars so much. Smooth as silk.. Great before dinner.
  3. E.L. rolled Siglo VI. LBT MAR 10. Glad I still have some left.
  4. Enjoying a late afternoon RYJ Wide on a beautiful day in western PA! ART ENE 21. Started right off with a toasty, somewhat woody, honeyed grahm cracker flavor. Different from the short, no coffee, cherry or leathery tannic notes. Although I don't typically like cigars bigger than a 52 Rg. I'm not really concerned given the nice and full flavors I'm getting. Medium body to me.
  5. Nice ! Been wanting to snag a box of these. It looks like it's the same vitola as the Wide churchill or De seco.
  6. After about 2010, I hadn't smoked too many, I was stuck on CORO and RASS, with CORO my favorite. I can say that the 15 or so D4 I've smoked over the past couple years from 2019/20 boxes were much richer and satisfying than any from the 8 or so years prior. Like was mentioned, the blend is not usually consistent. A few of those D4's from 19 and 20 did impress me tho. They are just rolled Everywhere, so it's not too surprising, the inconsistencies. I've honestly enjoyed more D5's than 4's over the last decade.
  7. I'd smoke E2 every day too, if I could find more. Lol
  8. EUP JUL 07. Creamy, earthy, cherry, beautiful floral aroma.. Last one from the box. These aged wonderfully...
  9. Ouch ! About how many cigars, 4 tonnes Rob?
  10. The first cigar I've smoked in several months due to some minor health issues and weather here. Partagas Lusitanias MAS JUN 08. I purchased this box from our host in 2010. Smoking beautifully !
  11. 42 to 52. I still and always will love a Corona Gorda. It seems perfect to smoke and in the hand. I remember 20 years ago a robustos looked really fat to me. Now, not so much compared to these jawbreakers. Lol.
  12. Remarkable indeed ! After 83 votes, 0.06% off of 65/35%.
  13. Nice haul ! It starts like that. 100, 200, 500, 1000, ect.. 😊 I actually just got a box of de Seco too, looking forward to trying one.
  14. LGR OCT 18/Tubos. This is my favorite of the epicures. So flavorful, less pepper and more sugar and more floral than the #2. Definitely a morning or daytime cigar.

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