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Greetings fellow FOHers,

It has been a while since I have logged - in to the forum, due in part to the timing of my initial registration running concurrent with the end of the “cigar season” here in Central Illinois, USA. At which time I usually do my best to separate myself from the temptations of a good smoke! However, as the weather turns, my desire to reconnect with this much loved pastime has prompted me to re-engage my interest in CC’s, as the majority of my experience has been with NC’s. Consequently, I hope that my time here provides me with the information I need to build a better cigar collection and passion for this exceptional way of life!

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Thanks to all for the warm welcome! So far, my time here has been very enjoyable. I am currently in the process of assembling my first order of CC's as I am eager to begin my quest to discovering my CC palate just as I have with NCs. If you have any recommendations, they would be greatly appreciated. Blessings!

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Welcome Trimble.

What kind of flavour/strength/complexity profile do you enjoy in a cigar?

Thank you!

To answer your question, I tend to favor a more multidimensional full flavored cigar; that is mild in strength and presents notes that are creamy, earthy & roasted. In regards to NC’s I currently enjoy a lot of Nicaraguan cigars.

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Welcome to the Forum enjoy ,we do :cigar:

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