For sale: Michael Jackson's syringe

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For sale: Michael Jackson's syringe



Whoever is the current 'lucky' owner of the syringe that killed Michael Jackson is about to become really, really rich. And unpopular.

The syringe, that once contained the fatal dosage dealt to the late King of Pop by Dr. Conrad Murray, is going up for auction - it's currently being pimped around auction houses in Vegas for up to $5.5 million.

"This is one of the sickest lots ever put up. The syringe is no longer needed in the inquest or in Murray's forthcoming trial but the moral implications don't bear thinking about," a source told the UK Mirror.

Tthe person in possession of the needle is even sussing out places to sell the needle that don't have 'reciprocal legal agreements with the United States', like Brazil or Libya. Cos they want to sell their gross lot no matter what!

"The validity of the sale is a matter of interpretation, dependent on whether the DA believes a crime has even been committed," says the tabloid.

"Rumours are leaking thick and fast and the Jackson family are aware of the auction plan. They are furious and incensed that someone is yet again trying to profit from him. It's an incredibly distressing time for them."

MIKA: Even with MJ gone, he still haunts us! :P

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Wow- that is really sad that our world can be so sick as to do some of this stuff. "Profiting off of Michael Jackson's Syringe" is comparable to the 9/11 attacks on a scale of being ridiculous, unnecessary, and volatile.

Sometimes I feel embarrassed by our society. Here is a great reason why... :P

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As disagreeable as this may sound, I think it was only a matter of time... People will buy anything without moral repercussion, and people will sell anything without moral repercussion. IDK whats worse, the seller or the buyer?

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You'd think anyone with that kind of cash laying around would have better sense than to spend it on something as flaky as this. If you're going to piss it away, at least buy a couple of dozen bottles of Chateau Lafite and a double handful of Behikes!

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Hmm, "for sale... the syringe that killed a child molester and unrepentant pedophile."

Phrasing it like that puts it into a whole new light for me.

-- Gary F.

Lol, very true Gary.

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