Juan Lopez #2

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I've enjoyed this 07 box. Never really blew me away, but a fun smoke nevertheless. this smoke changed my outlook...

Nice looking cigar. Clip the cap...Perfect draw. Off we go.

Greeted with a medium bodied smoke with floral and leather tones with some spice through the nose. As she settles down a bit, I'm tasting distinct flavors of honeysuckle, gingerbread spice and leather - smooth and a touch dry. The end of the first third is producing more smoke that densly coats the mouth.


The body is now under medium, yet the flavors are becoming richer in the second third. Its like all individual flavors beginning to meld into one coherent flavor bomb. I am thinking CoRo, but with a different flavor profile. I have a **** eating grin as I smoke this - it is that good. Although light to medium, I am noticing some deceptive nicotine creep in for a little buzz. I smoke just about every day, so I am surprised that I feel the nic.


The last third becomes darker, and the glorious flavor from the second third simply becomes stronger tobacco with some more nicotine. It's not time to ditch it, its just the first two thirds were such a treat.


Out she goes. Required a few minor touch ups. Overall, a 91. If the last third held on a bit better, and the stick had no touch ups, it would have gotten a 93 (easily). Hopefully some more sleep will round out the last third for a future potential of 94.

Thanks for reading.

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Nice review MB!!!

I smoked thru a whole box of these TPG(not 100% sure if that was the code but i think)Nov 07...The box was hit and miss taste wise,construction was good maybe 3 tight draws...a few were stunners a few good and a few were ok...I remember the one stunner habone brought over some Laphroig 10yr and that JL 2 went so well 94 easy!!!!.....maybe with more rest all urs will be stunners...

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