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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings again dear friends! Below are a number of video reviews of cigars which I've termed 'uncommon' due to their discontinuation (or hiatus), premium exclusivity or simply for the fact that as cigar enthusiasts we're more unlikely to reach for them from our humidors! Again, like the 2017 Xmas Sampler Series, I'd like to say that speaking 'on-the-fly' about cigars is certainly a challenge and I will need to acknowledge errors throughout this series (so bare with me). Also, please feel free to share your thoughts on these cigars in this thread. If you have views or opinions contrary to what has been stated, please feel welcome to express your thoughts and say so, after all, my own views here is intended to serve as a guide.
  2. So I managed to get a box of these Vintage Habanos 2007 Por Larrañaga RE Asia Pacific Robustos de Larrañaga, anxiously awaiting their arrival. I could not find that much info about this RE Release. Would appreciate the community's comments.
  3. Ramon Allones Hunters & Frankau Aniversario 225 Review Vitola: Gorditos 50 ring gauge x 141 mm or 5.6 inches How does one follow-up smoking a Cohiba Gran Reserva Cosecha 2003 Siglo VI? Answer: with great difficulty! And so it was that after Trevor and I enjoyed that sterling cigar, I offered my humble split of Ramon Allones Hunters & Frankau Aniversario 225 cigars. I too, was able to get some of these thanks to @LordAnubis (or Mus as we know him), so a big thank you to you! For those of you wishing to know the background of this special United Kingdom Regional Edition, please kindly read below: About this cigar: To mark Hunters & Frankau's 225th Anniversary, we are offering a very special Havana cigar and a commemorative humidor. Just 50,000 of the cigars have been produced in numbered SLB boxes of 25. Master blender Arnaldo Vichot at the Partagas factory, created the rich mixture of leaves for the cigars. Two different blends were submitted to a tasting panel in November 2012 and once the blend was chosen by H&F representatives, production of all 50,000 cigars took place between February and May 2013 and was undertaken by just three top grade torcedores. In the traditional British manner, the cigars were then shipped to the UK and aged for a period of two years in their condition-controlled warehouse so that they would be fully matured before being released to the market. Popular Vitola: H&F 225th Aniversario Factory Vitola: Gordito con Cabeza Tumbada Ring Gauge: 50 Cigar Length: 141 mm / 5.5 inches Body: Medium - Full Hence, as can be seen in the notes above, it was intended as a special cigar (the very fact that the head is tapered, like a Numero 109, alludes to this, visually). But if you've tasted it, what exactly is special about it? After sampling it, I was most impressed, as was Trevor. However, I believe this is because of the fact that this cigar has been aged a few years and utilised a blend that was, in my opinion, a touch under medium body, unlike your standard Ramon Allones cigar which tends to be fuller-bodied. @Jeremy Festa wrote a review recently stating that this cigar had notes of madeira cake and was floral. I feel that this is an apt description of what this cigar is like... A Ramon Allones cigar that is like madeira cake and is floral, and medium-bodied? Surely not! Alas, this is what this is, and if you are an archetypal Ramon Allones aficionado, then dare I say, this cigar may not be for you. So whereas Rob and Ken didn't mind this refined offering... our dear friend from the UK, Laurence Davis, didn't like it in quite the same way. FoH Forum member @Luca and I regularly discuss Laurence's preference for larger ring gauge and powerful cigars, and his passion for fine cigars, so I can understand why the RA H&F 225 Aniversario was not to his liking. And so the question remains...if you enjoy your Ramon Allones cigars fuller-bodied with a rich 'Christmas cake' profile, is this 'pared' release, in comparison, for you? While you ponder that, below are some other references on our forum to this cigar. One thing I know for sure, if you have these, and you feel you need to age them further, I'd say they won't improve much more than what they are now. This is definitely one cigar you can enjoy now, if it suits your profile.
  4. Rafael González 88 - Edición Regional Asia Pacifico 2016 (SOM Dic 2016) Vitola: Británicas Extra (48 ring gauge x 137 mm or 5.4 inches) Introduction: I had the opportunity to sample this newly-released Regional Edition cigar this week with Trevor Leask, the founder of Cuban Cigar Website, as I'm on vacation. There has been some outstanding PCC (Pacific Cigar Company) Asia-Pacific Regional Edition releases such as the Ramon Allones Celestiales Finos, the Por Larranaga Encantos and the Diplomaticos Bushidos to name a few, and this release saw much demand from our members when it became available late last month. The reason? Perhaps it was the cigar-aficionado friendly vitola, a Británicas Extra at under 50/64ths of an inch ring gauge, perhaps it was the fact that it was only the second Rafael Gonzalez Regional Edition release other than the 2013 German Petit Piramides, perhaps it was its availability in a 10-count box, or perhaps it was just because, as far as Regional Editions go, it was just so different in comparison to others. Aroma and Cold Draw: I found the aroma unlike the typical cocoa-rich, refined barnyard one gets with Limited Edition releases, rather this was very light and had more of a natural grass/hay aroma, so to speak. My cold draw was similarly very mild, but I was happy to sense the Rafael Gonzalez cocoa prior to lighting. First Third: In comparison to the PMS Abr 2015 box of Rafael Gonzalez Perlas I've been enjoying the past month or so (oh my, I've already gone through half a box!), the initial puffs were similarly very, very good, alas, the Rafael Gonzalez 88 was more refined, more milder. There were distinctive notes of cocoa and a floral sweetness, and a 'breadiness' in its spine (or core). Trevor found his peppery through the nose at first, but this settled for him. In contrast, my retrohale was very easy, no strong spice through the nose at all. In fact, this cigar was very mild through the nose for such a young cigar. Second Third: At this point, I felt that the strength picked up a little and the flavours were less distinctive. Perhaps a little light leather or nut combined with the cocoa. Final Third: During the final third, both Trevor and I remarked how non-descript the cigar had become. This wasn't a bad thing mind you, rather, the flavours we were able to delineate in the first half of the cigar were now much less definitive. Conclusion: I felt after smoking this that this cigar deserves some time down to properly blend. I spoke to El Pres (Rob) today to wish him well in regards to his health and the upcoming deciding State of Origin Rugby League game next week, and he was able to enlighten me in regards to my thoughts on this cigar in relation to the Rafael Gonzalez Coronas Extra, which was deleted in 2010. A little nut, a subtle refinedness and a reminder that PCC aim for their Regional Edition blends to develop with age, and I have no doubt that this will come into its own in the future. If you are expecting a powerhouse cigar, full of flavour, like recent Limited Editions, understand that this is the antithesis of that. Mild and subtle, the Rafael Gonzalez 88 is the type of cigar that will reward you for patience and is an homage to refinement and subtlety. I look forward to Ken and Rob's upcoming Video Review of this cigar, as they will be able to offer a fuller comparison to previous Rafael Gonzalez vitolas now deleted. In the meantime, below are some forum and video links to the Rafael Gonzalez Coronas Extra for your discernment.
  5. Has anybody ever seen this smoke? I can't find any information on it and can't find a Juan Lopez Belux Regional Edition on any release list.
  6. Cubacigar is the distributor for Benelux region which services Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. After Habanos S.A. started doing Regional Editions in 2005, Cubacigar came out with their first, a variation on the RASS that we have all come to know and love. This new cigar was a Gran Robusto. The same ring gauge (50) as the RASS but 1.225 inches longer. First introduced in limited quantities in 2007 with a little over 25,000 cigars made, they did something unusual for a Regional Edition in bringing it back in 2008. This time it was a larger release of 65,000 cigars. 1,400 boxes of 25 and 600 cabinets of 50, of which I have one of the 50 cabinets that I received recently. I was going to let this cigar rest longer but for the purposes of the review, I thought this was as good an occasion as any to try my first one. The cigar has sat at a consistent 66%rh since it’s arrival and we have a nice fall day to smoke it outside with the temperature in the 60’s and the humidity at 49%. Not sure how many more of these days I will enjoy outside before the temperature gets too cold. First the smell cold, I would compare it to a cappuccino with some chocolate notes as well. As I couldn’t find my usual punch cut, I opted for a straight cut. The construction was good, not perfect but I am a little surprised at how nice the cigar looks considering it’s age. The wrapper has a nice oily sheen on it which invites me to light it and try it out. Upon first light I am greeted with a nice aroma and nothing harsh about it. There is a little saltiness, similar to what you would find in a fine European butter, that balances the cream and coffee flavors that start out the cigar. The draw is excellent. Not as tight as by Monte Anejados nor as open as I find the Upmann 56 EL. In spite of the fact that this cigar traveled half way around the world to get to me and has only spent 5 days in the humi, I am surprised with how perfect the burn is on it. As it burns through the first third, I also detect the stewed fruit that is so common in the Ramon Allones marca. Also, at times, I get the taste of vanilla. Sometimes a little carmel. After 8 years, this is an amazing cigar and my only regret, not having gotten a second cabinet but then again, my understanding wife might have stopped being so understanding of my “hobby” if I had. Still, this has got to be one of the best cigars that I have ever enjoyed. The smoke production is good, better than your typical RASS. As we get into the second third, I sense more of a coffee flavor but nothing overpowering. Cigars like this are what make it almost impossible for me to smoke NC’s anymore. So much flavor, so much complexity. This cigar is a pleasure to smoke versus the peppery spice bombs from other countries. Not to say that this cigar doesn’t have any spice because it’s there. At times some white pepper and certainly a sharpness at times as well but nothing distracting and the cigar continues to impress me as the flavors changes with each puff. The second third started out with coffee, 7 pulls into it, now I get a little more stewed fruit. Sometimes walnuts. Always a little salt, sometimes the cream comes back. The burn is a little off but doesn’t seem to need correction and I will remind you that this cigar has only had five days to settle before I smoked it. The strength is a solid medium, just where I want it to be. I have heard some complaints that people had on the draw when it was first released but if this cigar shows me what to expect from the other 49 in the cabinet, I am going to be in for a wonderful ride for years to come. This is truly a cigar to be treasured. As we get into the final third of this cigar, there is nothing harsh about the cigar and the aging has only helped smooth out the flavors without reducing the complexity. I think that this cigar will continue to age nicely. The fruit and floral flavors seem to come and go. Then you taste the walnuts again, then a little carmel to add to it. I even found the taste of cinnamon at one point but never overly spicy. The flavors are always there but balanced in every way. They complement each other and one never overpowers the other. The ash has held well but not going to set any records as it usually falls before it gets more than an inch or so. The cigar gains a little in strength but still not much more than medium IMHO. The puffs that I take as I write this are more floral in nature with a little white pepper and still some of that saltiness that I enjoy. I wouldn’t say that this cigar was different as we got towards the end but instead, the flavors just kept going and would come and go with one more noticeable than the other. I have every intention of smoking this down to the nub and appreciating the craftsmanship that went into this cigar. When I was considering purchasing this cigar, it was a debate between the cabinet of this or a cabinet of the Siglo VI. I am very happy with my choice as this will be a cabinet that I will treasure for many years to come.

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