Soft Shell jacket feedback needed...

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Hi all...I am looking to get a new soft shell jacket...

I have narrowed it down to:

Arc'teryx Gamma MX, TNF Apex Bionic and Marmot Sharp Point.

please give me feedback if you can...or suggestions on a different jacket...thank you in advance.

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I had a look at the jackets on line and I like the Arc'teryx Gamma MX... maybe if you let the guys know what type of jacket it is for they might respond ... I had to check what you were talking about <_<

Hi Lisa...I like the Gamma MX too and will most likely pull the trigger. I appreciate you looking them up and giving your opinion. I want a 3 season wind and water resistant jacket for mountain biking, training and even casual wear. I hope you and Frank are well...hopefully see you guys again soon in's been too long since your last visit. :huh:

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Arc'teryx makes some great jackets. Another brand to check out is Mountain Hardwear, i really like their gear.

what the hell is a soft shell jacket? is it the name of something we'd know under a different guise or is it something i really shouldn't have asked about.

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