Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas Mar 08


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I've got a box of these from March that I tried last month. The tip is very bitter and the entire box definitely needs some age. The flavors are there but feel like they need time to develop.

Despite all this I fired one up after lunch today with a glass of chardonnay.

Prelight: Beautiful construction and nice colored wrapper. Soft and slightly squishy to the touch. Prelight draw is very light tobacco. The draw seems very tight.


Opening taste - 1st third: It started off lit well but as I thought the draw was too tight. A quick run through with my trusty anti plugging device and it drew like a dream. The first cm or so tasted harsh and bitter. After opening up the harsh taste subsided and the flavors of cold tea and tin can through.


2nd third: The tea taste continued and I was starting to wonder about the tin taste. It wasn't a bad taste but it had me questioning the pairing of the cigar with the wine. By the end of the middle third the tin flavor got replaced by nice light leather tones. The draw never bothered me again and the smoke was smooth and didn't sting my nose.


Final third: At the end the small smoke started taking a turn for the worse. The cold tea turned into harsh tea leaves. The leather was still present and was the only saving grace to keep it smoking. Some spice also turned up in my nose but was short lived.



Overall: They're very young I think. The bad flavors are working their way out and I'm sure in a couple of years that cold tea and leather will make for a great short smoke.

Score: 87/100

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Great review Kilroy.

They are a fantastic cigar. I have enjoyed plenty out of the box (I woud sample from several fresh boxes weekly) and some are ready o go while ohers are as you describe. They can be a tad wet fresh so drybox away for the next. If no improvement then lay away but sample every few months.

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