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We had a little rain last night (8-10 inches 220-250mm) on the back of the storm last Sunday. Nice to see rain again in this part of the world.

I left Kens place last night around 10 where a few of the guys had some cigars and drinks. His little babbling brook which he backs onto was very picturesque. I would love to see some photo';s of what it loked like this morning when he awoke :)

Dawn at my place. No....we don't front a creek :2thumbs:



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What kinds of water snakes do you have around there?

We have 28 species of snakes in Brisbane (My son Tom who is mad keen on them keeps telling me). For water snakes locally in our area we have three from memory in the Water Python, Keelback and Red Bellied Black snake. Only the last is venemous but quite placid.


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glad you think they are placid. used to keep snakes as a kid - see what your son can aspire to - and they can get very grumpy. most of the time they are not bad but around emerging time, breeding time etc, they are quite aggressive. by the way, that time is usually around november.

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