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Well, it's about time I said hello and posted a little intro since I joined almost a year ago.

I live in New York about 60 miles north of New York City. Very pretty here and sort of rural.

I enjoy golf, shooting, fishing, and a little casino activity.

I have been smoking cigars for a long time, but got really serious about 3 years ago. I joined CigarPass, met a great bunch of BOTLs and really learned a lot from the FOGs there. Through the generosity of many BOTLs at CP, I have been able to expand my small collection of Cubans and sample many different cigars, some of them with 10 years of age.

I have recently been in a small Group Buy that is being run by Garvey. We have been getting the boxes for the split from Rob and Lisa; so, another reason to post an intro since I expect to start spending more time here and learn more about the Cuban leaf.

My favorite Cuban is the PSD4. A few others would be PLPC, PSP2, Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2, Mag 46s and 50s to name but a few.

Want to thank Rob and Lisa for their great customer service and the quality of the cigars


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