A long overdue hello.


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Hello All,

I've been a member here for quite some time but never got around to making an intro post. Although looking at my joined date I maybe got deleted and re-registered somewhere along the way.

Now that the new forum software has arrived (and it looks great by the way, I really like how you've retained a lot of the look of the old forum but modernized the interface) I can see myself spending more time here and decided that it's time to say hello.

My name is Adam if that wasn't clear. I'm around on a number of other boards and I see a lot of familiar names on this one, but a lot of new folks as well which is always good.

I'm Canadian and I teach English in South Korea. I play a lot of poker and smoke cigars. Not much to add to that really. Oh, and sometimes I drink. Pretty well rounded am I lol.

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Hey Adam welcome


I was just up in S Korea for work for a couple of days and used the subway in Seoul for the first time, I feel like it is some kind of achievement :o

It is one of the world's biggest so navigating it should be an achievement lol. Luckily for me all the signs have English on them and my cellphone has the subway map in it so I'm well armed whenever I venture in.

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