The Winner of the Quai D'Orsay Review Comp is?

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The Winner of the Quai D'Orsay Review Comp is...........Broozer :thumbsup:

Well done Bruce. Contact Lise your time Wednesday for the prize. You dare e-mail me tomorrow when I am doing her job for the day.....prize pulled :pooped:

Well done mate and thank you to all who posted a review!

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This draw MUST have been rigged. After all, I had four of the five eligible reviews. ^_^

Congratulations Bruce. You deserve the prize! Glad you won it.

Bruce won it fair and square, :daydream: he bribed the judge with a QdO :nosmilies: and posted several excellent photos, :lifepreserver: thus he had three tickets in the hat! :stir:

Besides Van, you only had 4 of the six eligible reviews :moon::blonde:

Congrats Bruce once again!!!

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Van, that is a very real possibility, we have never discussed that issue; and shucks I have 8 Ramon Allones reviews coming up too...............

Whatever, its for the good of the board :covermouth:

Hey, I don't think I have eight different Ramon Allones vitolas in my humidor, Chuck. We'll have do see how many I do have when I finish posting reviews.

What I like about these contests is that they force me to really concentrate on what I am smoking and I have found it very interesting to see the differences and similarities between separate vitolas within a line. Whether I win a prize or not is really immaterial. And Rob's generosity with the prizes is fantastic.

I do hope that the reviews are entertaining and open some minds to cigars people might not otherwise consider trying.

If Rob gets some Q D'O Panatellas boxes in stock, he can just put one in my OLH straight away; they're that good.

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