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Apologies for being slow on the forum today. We had a series of storms Sunday afternoon and a good % of the city was out of power. My home was almost unscathed excluding three trees down and some fencing. I know Warren is still on a generator 24 hrs post event. Mother nature at its best :thumbsup:


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This storm was front page on the BBC news website this morning - the first thing I saw when I logged onto my computer was 'Brisbane Storm Worst in 25 Years'! Some of the pictures in this video look like the aftermath of a hurricane!


Hope everyone's homes fared ok.


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Hope everyone came through the storm OK and with no real damage. Unfortunately, that would be a typical thunderstorm here in the lightening capital of the world, Tampa bay.

As Australia is suffering a drought, how much rain did you get?

We are actually getting some good rain this week. The storm was the befinning of an unseasonal cold front which is delivering the rain. Power still out to some suburbs and likely for another day or two. We got power back on yesterday afternoon.

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