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There are people here that will come out and remove the bees for you. Sometime for a small fee, sometimes for free. Given the worldwide collapse of honey bee populations and the tremendous problems that is causing, the financial value of a hive is substantial. At least, that's here in the states.

Those combs are pretty cool. Too bad they were poisoned otherwise they make for a nice treat. Nothing better than chewing a piece of raw honeycomb!

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Yes a friend sent me the exact same email yesterday. I have to say I think the guy who did this was a dumb ass.

The worlds Bee population is having a bit of trouble , particularly in the US . There is a disease that has been affecting numbers and it's becoming a worry.

Bee hives can be relocated , it's not like a wasp problem.

If we were to do this to every bee hive we came across before you know it the world would start having crop shortages.

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This is not my BBQ! Sent by a mate in NZ.

using the bbq this weekend... so i thought ill clean it up..

i have known there were bee's coming from under the cover so i thought i'd kill them, obviously...

so heres the bbq in question


now i know these bombs aren't for bee's and that but i thought i'll suffocate/smoke them out. So here is the weapon of choice and delivery system.


I thought I was pretty smart hehehe designed to be easierly manovered under the cover of darkness...

so then i release the weapon of buzz destruction..


OMFG! the sound from under the cover was incredible!!! You could hear it 3m away easy...

Then I ran like the clappers....

coming back few mins later to see the death toll...


was at least 20mm deep mass grave


I continued to remove the cover and to light the bbq to give it a clean when i noticed some fattly looking substance on the top of th side shelf thing....

Bit weird.. i clean it before i put it away for winter and no way was there fat there so i begun to wonder......

NO..... it can't be could it?

I slowly removed the rest of the cover only to find the HQ..








we think the queen flew away.... either that or a small child has wings and has been living in the hive coz that thing was huge!

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