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Greetings from one of the muggiest cities on the planet – and that is heading into winter!

Thought I'd drop a quick note back to the forum while I had a chance. Finally found out that it is actually the HK govt that has brought us here though still no idea why. First meeting 11.30am – how civilized – and we'll be told. Best I can make out is that a good mate of mine who is a journo from the West is good mates with the bloke who is organising it and put my name down. Not complaining.

There are three poms and three Aussies, though one of ours yet to be found. Last heard of with a 6 hour delay out of Sydney. Go the stumbling wombat, though to be fair, they were perfect on my flight. Couldn't have done more and being up the pointy end makes it a much nicer trip (yes, I am not paying but that doesn't mean I'm not going to wallow in it, and I can wallow with the best of them).

Looking forward to visiting some of the cigar sites Rob has suggested though think I'll be on my own. When I mentioned it to the others, words like filthy, stinky and 'oh god no' were flying about with *** abandon.

Used to come here a lot in first half of 90's but have not been since before the changeover. And hasn't it changed. One thing, it is a bucketload more expensive. We had a few ordinary beers at the bar last night and it cost A$60! three beers! I know our dollar has tanked but that seems extreme. Thank god brekkie, which is fantastic at the Conrad, is included, as a standard brekkie is A$65. Rooms push A$700 a night. I can get one of New Zealand's best guides for a serious day's fishing for that sort of money!

Had to laugh at check in at the hotel. Very friendly chap sorting us out and then I asked whether he could check to see if Mr Jordan (my mate from the West who was due in about 6 hours earlier, was there). He went pale and said that yes, Mr Jordan had arrived. No more banter. Seems that there had been an incident (Jordan is known to be a touch grumpy). Reckon it might have been a beaut as this hotel has over 60 floors and would process many hundreds of people a day. Got to do something to be remembered like that. See Rob, not always me!

Will try and check in again.

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