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» Great game


» A real Texas Shootout at the end!

That was one hell of an ending! I was shocked that they didn't bring the field goal unit out when there was only 8 seconds left...never would have thought that they would go for the end zone like that. Anyway, some friends and I burned Cohiba VI and Monti 4s yesterday while watching college football.

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» Anyone catch this thriller last night?? What a game ending play!! Burned a

» Mag 50 and Secretos for this one. How muddled will the BCS be after this.

Yeah that was a great game indeed. Too bad my Longhorns came up short.

I don't think the BCS will be more muddled due to this game. In fact, the TT upset will help clear it up (provided TT will lose to either OSU or OU, or both which is very likely, leaving Alabama and Penn State undefeated). The real monkey rench is if Alabama loses to LSU or in the SEC championship game or if Penn State loses, leaving a bunch of one-loss teams.

Regarding TT's choice not to kick the field goal with 8 seconds left, that's because their kicking game is horrible. They had one blocked earlier and have been struggling to kick all year long. I think their plan was either for a quick out-of-bounds play to get closer or a quick shot at the endzone. The play to Crabtree was a pretty time-consuming play with the broken tackles and still had a second left so it's likely that they were trying to sqeeze two plays into that 8 seconds.

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I watched it at my local B&M, My son is a Sophmore at Tech, and he would call me when they did something well. The background noise was numbing.

I think Tech, came out the second half thinging to slow things down, and that almost cost them the game. In the first half, they dominated both sides of the ball.

Still a great game that I paired with a Cohiba Sublime and then a Padron 26.

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