Por Larranaga Montecarlos OEB-ABR-07


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Por Larranaga --Montecarlos

Factory name -- Deliciosos

Box Code -- OEB-ABR-07

Originally called a slim panatella, it has always been one of the most difficult vitoles to make for a roller.

For a slim panatella this Montecarlo offers a excellent draw which I would like to underline because it is not always the case.

The wraper was light to medium more on a colorado claro shade.

Smoking time : 50 min

1st third

the flavours were woody, light and fresh with an overall dominance of humid and earthy base just enough to start off on a slow rythmic and harmonious tastes

2nd third

the vitola achieves an enjoyable boldness without any loss on its dominante earthiness and humide moss

3rd and final third

notes of nutttyness comes into the last 3rd becoming a very pleasant addition finalizing a very enjoyable smoothness.

A rich an flavourfull moment of pleasure.


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Guy, thank you, I was keen to see a review on these as they have been on my list of possible future smokes for a while. The price is usually good and your review has helped me decide, yes, I am going to go for these , oh, and Tampa's endorsement too. ;-)

What is you guys assessment of the ratio of sticks that draw ok versus not ok?

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