San Cristobal Oficios OEB MAR 07

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I have a box from FEB06 that is unopened. The couple singles I tried I pretty much found to be the same experience as yours. I did get a little more in flavor from them though than you seem to.

I intend on letting them sit for fiive to see what they turn into. Or until they are completely tasteless. ;-) :-D

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This was one of my first boxes of Habanos, EMA NOV 07 (uh, yes still a rookie). Have not had one in a while so decided to pull one out today after reading this.

I found the first 1/4 inch to be a little grassy, then settled into a pretty consistent profile that I probably would not have noticed as unchanging without reading this. Maybe I was a little preconditioned in what I was looking for?

Hopefully these will develop but it sounds like Rob has some doubts towards this happening. Bummer.

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San Cristobal Oficios OEB MAR 07


43 x 135 (5.3")

Launched in 2006 along with its big brothers Mercaderes (Grand Corona) and Muralla (Double Piramide)

My opinion only (and many disagree), this is the closest range of cigars Cuba produces to mainstream US market cigars. I exclude the regular line of San cristobal (Principe/La Punta/Fuerza/Morro) from this assessment.

A full review of this cigar (Oficios) is not really necessary as it starts the same from beginning to end. Still let me give you a summary.

Wrapper. Golden. Very cood Colorado wrapper with nice silky feel.

Aroma at cold. Nondescript. slightly sweet tobacco.

Draw. On the easy side. No discernable flavours on the palate.

First third. Very clean flavours of good quality tobacco. Light Medium in body. Light coffee note balanced by tobacco. Not aggressive in any way. Smoke is not overly thick. Aroma of smoke rather mainstream. Burn very good, Ash typically Cuban.

Second Third Much the same as the first. The body reaches medium. Light coffee and tobacco still on the palate. No spice through the nose. Ho Hum.

Last Third I have been to junior school band performances which have provided more entertainment. No change.

I have tried three Oficios from two different boxes over the last two days. Minor differences but essentially the same experience.

This series lacks the molasses edge of the the standard line Principe/Punta etc. While the standard line are no powerhouses they entertain nonetheless through a larger kaleidescope of flavour. A hot day and a fine JamaicaBlue Mountain coffee accompanied by a Principe and you are in heaven.

So let me sink the boot in.

With the choice of smoking a Muralla (Double Piramide) or watching a TV test screen....I would watch a test screen. At least the test screen does not pretend to be anything that it is not. The Muralla is two hours of mindless boredom (my opinion). This Oficios (corona) is a smaller (mercifully shorter) version of the Muralla. What is it trying to achieve? Where is it trying to position itself?

Personally I would like to introduce it to Monte 3 so that Monte can slap it around and show it how a true medium bodied corona should perform. Depth of Flavour! Character! Consistency to Marque!

I am not sure what the theory was behind this LCDH line, The cigars do not stand up to scrutiny to those who have come to love Cuban cigars. To be a great cigar you need to carve out your own niche/personality. The Oficios has failed.

82/100 2/6 Smokerings.







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