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Is El Laguito factory any different than the other newer factories?

What I mean is the factory infrastructure any different to make people believe that this is the best factory to produce cigars..

I assume the processes maybe slightly different, the materials used and people employed are probably superior..But is the actual factory equipment any different?

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I wouldn't say different in the way you mean. I would call it more familiar, it's smaller, set in an old house/mansion, but the process of cigar making is the same. They built primarily cohibas there but also other stuff.

You will find then more tobacco for cohibas, which is the same quality tobacco with more age than other premium cuban cigars. Some would say they pick the best of the crop, from the best cuarteles, and bla bla. From my experience cohibas tobacco it's been coming from the same region in vuelta arriba for many years and it's just tobacco with a longer fermentation (and off course it's very good quality tobacco, but like all premium cuban cigars have)

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» Is El Laguito factory any different than the other newer factories?

Hi chuck1rar

All of the difference is in the factory itself,It's a beautiful

old mansion with a long history behind it. It's not better equiped

then the others,but it does have a special atmosphere aroud it.

Well, maybe the fact that the workers all have a COHIBA t-shirt

makes it better equiped ?

Anyway here are some pics.I took in 2007.









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