Partagas De Partagas Question

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» » Has anyone seen these in Cabs of 50?


» To my knowledge, never in cabs of 50; only boxes of 25, that were

» discontinued in 2006.

Why must Cuba discontinue every great Vitola? Seriously. It's as if they are about 8 years behind the curve. Now A days they are intoducing all these great big ring gauge cigars and they are discontinuing all the classic onsdals and Coronas. Hey, Cuba, pull yer head out of Yer ass and have a look see PLEASE!!!:-|

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Only in dress boxes of 25. It's a real shame that these cigars are no more. I still have a couple boxes of these, including some '99s and '03s. The '99s are surprisingly full-bodied, and very reminiscent of Party lonsdales of that era. The '03s are medium-bodied and smooth with a profile more like, say, a Lusi. Fortunately, we still have an outstanding Partagas dalia, the 898V. If they ever DC that cigar, I'm flying to Cuba to start another revolution.

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