I turn to my Aussie friends for the truth

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» » Please tell me is this a real interview or a comedy act.

» » :lookaround:

» »

» » http://good-times.webshots.com/video/30295...091727976cKKMqK

» »

» » Either way it had me in stitches. :rotfl:


» Some of our finest political satirists :-D

So this is real and not a joke? :surprised:

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two guys, john clarke (the only kiwi we claim as our own) and brian dawes. do a skit exactly like that every thursday evening. brilliant stuff.

clark is a genius. started in nz as 'fred dagg' - still have one of his oldest vinyl records and it brings tears. his version of 'i am bloke' to the tune of helen reddy, while he is shearing, is priceless.

he also did a satire called 'the games' which took the piss out of the sydney games brilliantly. did it in the lead up - he was one of the organising committee. the episode where the 100 metres track had to be shortened to 97 metres so they could fit in more seating still dissolves us in a heap.

the final one was the closing ceremony and they booked the seekers who could not make it so they dressed up as them. then lo and behold (and too late to do anything about it) turns out the real organisers had booked the real seekers. believe they were not happy. wonderful stuff.

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