annual fraser island fishing trip

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» Great photo's Ken. I would love to join you next year. Did you manage to

» take out the Fly Rod?

there was some contention amongst other members that i took more than my fair share of gear. i merely point out that this is not a democracy. turned out i had 8 rods and 12 reels. i used two and two. i took the fly rods out of the car, put them in the house, then took them out of the house and back into the car to come home.

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one of my absolute highlights of any year is the week on fraser island - giant sand island (biggest in the world) about five hours north of brizzy. usual crowd, more or less, headed up. rob very kindly lent us his car again - you need 4wds. unfortunately it broke down as we were heading to the ferry. chaos ensued of course but we managed to hire a replacement and thank god it was then and not an hour later.

we stay at a place called waddy lodge, at waddy point. long story behind it but family one of the shareholders. nothing better than sitting on the balcony with a great cigar, a bottle of champagne and having a chat or reading a book. we eat and drink extremely well.

couple of terrific cigars - some aged lusi's were a delight, a younger SLR DC very good and i took three hamlet robusto's from a visit i made in 2004. one was tough but the other two magnificent. magic cigars.

fishing reasonable. one very good session of big tailor (bluefish for the seppos, those yours tend to be larger than ours - but ours are great eating when very fresh, less so later) - including one that when i cleaned it, had a large sinker in its gut - a future case of lead poisoning?

usual array of sharks, whales, rays etc. one highlight was when i was fishing in the surf and about 5 metres away, a huge turtle suddenly emerged. it had a look around, saw nothing to impress it and headed off.

truly great week. and being away for the world economic meltdown and mostly missing the entire thing was a bonus.

a few photos.


the track to the cape. we were going but too many bogged and we spent time digging a few cars out.



not us.


more soon.

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