El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme (no box code)


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El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme

What a terrific cigar. This stick was from a sampler I picked up from Rob early this year, so no box code. Sure wish I had one though . . . I’d buy 2-3 boxes of them, based on this example.

Nothing fancy on the presentation side—the wrapper on this robusto had a slight greenish tint in comparison with the other sticks in the humidor, with a nice tight wrapper, slight veining present. Aroma at cold was straight up barnyard, and the pre-light draw was sweet hay and perfect.

Torched it up, and the first third went like this:

• Quite spicy right out of the gate. Peppery, and very redolent of baking spices.

• Citrus/orange peel. I’ve read other reviews that mentioned this flavor note, and have had hints of it before, but this time it is right in my face. Very very distinct

• Peppery overlay

• The baking spices are reminding me of ginger snap or molasses cookies. That sweet but bright flavor

• The burn is kind of a pain in the ass, but the flavors are so awesome and immediate that I don’t care

• My notes say, “crisp and delicious.” There is simply something very clean and dramatic about the flavors this cigar is putting out.

• Great smoke density and mouthfeel.

• “WOW,” my notes say. And they mean it

Second third:

• The sweet hay flavor is resurgent, and the baking flavors yield slightly to grassy, vegetal (think celeriac) notes.

• Uh-oh. Flavors fading fast. Where’s my cigar!??!?

• Waiting . . .

• Pepper returns

• Coming back now. Citrus and spices.

• Whew.

• Sometimes, I find, I smoke Churchills/DCs that I wish were Robustos (i.e., they’re not going well). This time, I wish this Robusto were a Churchill/DC.

• Again, I’ve never tasted citrus this vividly in a cigar.

Final third:

• Flavors are back, in full force:

• The smoke warms up as I get to the nub of the matter, and the baking flavors remain so prevalent that it’s almost like tasting warm cookies right out of the oven.

• I’m sipping very carefully now, and purging occasionally thru the nose

• Did I mention that I’m getting a powerful and very pleasant citrus note?


• More please. This is the only sample I have of this cigar, and I will definitely look to replenish.

• Roughly, I’d give this a 93/100. If it hadn’t faded there in the middle, it would easily be a 96

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I also have to say, I wasn't expecting much from this cigar. It was literally the last Robusto from the sampler that I smoked, so I've smoked everything else ahead of it, and stocked up on the robustos that really appealed to me along the way--RyJ Short Churchill & Ex 4 and HDM Epicure in particular.

Having said all that, I really enjoyed the smoke, and I too would love to hear from some of the more experienced members as to how these have smoked for them.



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» Nice review, man. This is another cigar that gets lost in this age of EL this and Special that... these are very nice when they are on and have a distinctive profile, I think you nailed many of its traits.

I could barely put these down when I got my first box. A great change of pace cigar and an awesome review.:-D

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